Ghana trip (2de3)

lundi 3 avril 2017
par  N. Leuzzi
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Mise à jour du 3 avril 2017

Les élèves de Seconde 3, divisés en quatre groupes, ont conçu quatre carnets de voyage numériques ("padlet") sur leur voyage au Ghana.

De bons souvenirs...

N. Leuzzi, F. Cadoux et C. Noudegbessi

Day 1

Les élèves de la Seconde 3 sont bien arrivés à Tema. Tout va bien...

Day 2

Today after a night to Nextflight hotel, we went to Tema oil rafinery. We visited this structure thanks to a bus and several guides. One hour of trip later, we ate at the mall of Accra and do some shopping !
Thanks to our perfection, we will able to do another visit : the Fort Amsterdam. We arrived at the oasis beach resort at 5 pm, took our shower and worked on our Ghana road book.
Aïna et Laura

Day 3

Today we visited KAKUM NATIONAL PARK. It was an adventure tiring but really interesting. We’ve crossed suspended bridges. For some of us it was really scary but for others it was really nice. Now we are sure that we lost some kilos.Retour ligne automatique
The afternoon we went to Cape Coast University and we’ve met the students. They were very pleasant and they said that the Beninese are really nice and peaceful. Retour ligne automatique
It was a great day plenty of new aventures and new discovery.
Salomé znd Aïcha

Day 4

Today we left the hotel at 08:30 and first we went to Takoradi Thermal Plant. We listened a man called M. Cann, it was a little boring. Later we had lunch in a fast-food, we stayed 2 hours and we all played cards, the students and the teachers. Later we visited Elmina castle, it was really interesting because we saw all the slaves conditions. This visit gave us a big effect, there were many sad classmates.Retour ligne automatique
For us it was a really good day, we learnt a lot of things.Retour ligne automatique
Taoufik and Nader

Day 5

Today in the morning we visited a palm oil’s factory and the guide explained us the process in detail who begins with the grow of the palm at the passage in the machines to crush, mix and extract this palm oil. This visit was quite interesting because the guide tell us correctly the different stages of this production but throughout the visit the smell of the waste which the manufacturing of oil produce was a little unpleasant. Then we go to eat at an unlimited buffet where the chicken was very good.
After for the afternoon we go at two different soap’s factory.
The first one was a home-made manufacturing of the soap, the guide explained us the system to produce soap with palm oil and it’s a system with the grinding of the almond, the cooking and the extraction of the juice to make soap.
The second was another home-made manufacturing with a system almost identical to the first one but with some differences. When we swerve at the 2 home-made manufacturing, the smell of the soap smelt really good.
To finish the day we returned at the hotel by making approximately 3 hours to road.
We love Ghana ❤ 🇬🇭
Justine and Loona

Day 6

Today was the last day in which we visited places.
In the afternoon, we went to Kwame N’Krumah mosoleum where there was a museum which contained his desk, some of his clothes and painting of him. We also saw his tomb and his wife’s in a big and beautiful building. Outside, there was his car and statues of him. It was an incredible place full of emotion and history.
Later in the day, we went to a mall at 13:20 to eat until 14:30. After that we saw a movie in a cinema for the first time since a long time ago. It was so amazing and the film was really good and interesting.
After that, we had time to do shopping an hour and we are going to KFC.
This day was really nice thanks to the teachers for bringing us to this activities🇬🇭🇬🇭 !
Axelle and Alba









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