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mercredi 18 janvier 2017
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Voyage des 2de2


Today it was difficult to wake up !
We went to Takoradie thermal power station, we were greeted by Samuel Can.
He presented us the operation of the company through a power point, and then we visit the company.
We have lunch in a gas station.
Then we went to cape coast university to ask questions to students about their studies and about Ghana.
The students were very cooperative !
Good bye see you soon .
Your correspondents : Shadé Hazoumé and Giovanni Tamo


Today we went to visit a plantation of palm trees with oil in Twifo, it was very hot. We were able to observed 11 hectares of plantation. We learnt the functioning of plantations with the various stages (of thumb in the tree). Then we visited a factory of palm oil belonging to the same plantation (organized by the state). She very mechanized. At noon we have lunch to the canteen of the plantation or we had some problems of payment. In the afternoon we have everything in joins another factory of oil palm makes different from the first one : this one be a cooperative factory. She not be not of the whole mechanized, works him summer make manually by the women of the village. And to finish this long day we visited a manufacturing of soap with palm oil.
Lively the palm oil !
See you tomorrow !

Your correspondents : Shade Hazoume and Giovanni Tamo


Today we set off for Accra. Arrived at Accra we ate in a fast food, which made very good ices. Then we went to visit the mausoleum of Nkrumah. it is the man who to licence in Ghana to be independent. Then after this visit we are to go in Mall or we were able to go shopping and to eat. We returned to the hotel of Tema.
Tomorrow we shall set off for Cotonou !
Your correspondents : Shade Hazoumé and Giovanni Tamo


Today we return home. We look sadly at the landscape on the road which we reminder the long hours crossed in the bus but also the aches in the back. Our great adventures and our small misadventures do well to us to laugh. It was fabulous one experience. Ous let us be anxious to thank the Montaigne school which every years finances the project, the guides (Mr. Martinet, Mrs. Megnegnau and Mrs Bouchez) and Mrs France who looked all our small wounds. But more particularly to Mrs Bouchez who since 1999 organizes this project, who every years makes it even more wonderful to allow the pupils to live one good ones linguistic experience.
Then thanks to all !

Your correspondent : Shade Hazoume

Voyage des 2de1

Les 2de1 sont bien arrivés et nous envoient quelques photos.

Tout se passe bien et les élèves profitent d’un mélange d’activités culturelles et sportives.









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